Obtaining your Work Permit Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Application to work in Canada:



Obtaining a Class 5 Licence in Alberta  Government of Alberta – Applying for an Alberta Driver’s Licence:


                                                                            Calgary Registry Locations:

  • You will visit a registry to write a Class 7 Driver’s Permit Test. The fee for the test is $17.60 each time you write the test.  Once you pass the written test you will receive a Class 7 Learner’s Permit.  The fee for the licence itself depends on the number of years it is issued for and it is issued based on your work permit.  A 5 year licence costs $84.45.  As your work permit is for less than 5 years, the fee will be less.


  • You will need to give them your licence from your home country and apply to the government for permission to do an advanced driver road test. It is very important that you apply for the advanced road test as the other is for the graduated licence which will not allow you to do your Class 1 work. This process may take a week or two to get approved.  During this time, you should be booking your airbrake course and driver’s medical (see below).  The fee to upgrade your licence from class 7 to class 5 is $22.45 to change and road test fee is determined by registry itself.


  • Once you have your class 5 road test and airbrakes course, you will need to return to the registries office to take your class 1 written test and air brake written test. The fee for the class 1 written test is $17.60.

  • Upon completing of your class 1 and air brake written test, we will schedule your classes for class 1 road test. On completion of class 1 licence by registry, pre-hire road test, drug test, dangerous goods test and orientation. This is when your employment with People Express Transport will commence.


  • The Airbrake Course is completed through People Driving Academy . There are a couple  of different class 1 driving schools in Calgary, but People Driving Academy is the preferred Training Centre as it has a thorough program and offers the course 3 times a week. .Their phone number is 403-612-0040  and they are located at4220, 67 Avenue North East | Calgary, Alberta | T3J 4H3 for more information please visit

Obtaining a Travel Visa /I-94 Card U.S. Customs and Border Protection – International Visitors to the United States:


Obtaining a SIN Card Government of Canada – Social Insurance Number:

Canada Immigration Information:

Personal Protective Equipment
  • Footwear (shoes or boots) must meet Canadian Standards Association Standard of Grade 1 Toe Protection and Puncture Resistant Steel Plate and Certified Electric Shock Resistant Soles. This footwear will possess the Canadian Standards Association identification (pictured on the right).
  • Eye Protection (safety glasses with side shields, safety goggles or face shields) must meet Canadian Standards Association Standard of Z94.9-92.
  • High Visibility Safety Vest (must have reflective strips)
  • Work gloves
  • Hard Hat

Basic Tool Kit

  • Hammer
  • Long handled pry bar (60 cm)
  • Combination wrenches (5/16” , 7/16” , 9/16”)
  • Small bolt cutters
  • Pliers

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